Maintenance Package


Maintenance Package


Opti-coat maintenance kit has been created to maintain your vehicles Opti-coated surface.

However, this kit can also be used to maintain any vehicle with or without a protective coating on it.

Opti-Coat M-Wash™ is designed to clean the toughest automotive grime. With regular use, the added fluoropolymers will repel airborne heavy metal pollution and maintain the coated surface free of bonded contamination.

Opti-Coat Hyper Seal is The Ultimate™ maintenance solution to help prevent bonding of contamination such as hard water deposits, bug splatter and other airborne contamination.

The Ultimate™ Drying Towel! Opti-Coat Drying Towels are manufactured using high quality 1200GSM plush microfibre. The softest and safest material to dry your vehicle.

Each Optimum Microfibre Polishing Cloth is super soft, and features and "edgeless" design with no stitching to reduce surface marring. Size 40 x 40cm

Optimum's Foam Wash Pad is manufactured using the highest quality, open cell foam. This type of open cell foam is a dense material, that is also extremely soft and flexible at the same time.

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