Stoneguard Protection Film, also known as Paint Protection film (PPF), is an advanced transparent urethane film that is used to protect your vehicles painted surfaces from damage caused by road debris, stone chips, bug splatter and light scuffs. It helps protect the most common and effected areas such as the front bumper, leading edge of bonnets and guards and side mirrors.

Paint protection films were originally developed to protect helicopter rotor blades during the Vietnam war and with its extreme durability it is used extensively in NASCAR racing. Applying this highly durable protection product to your vehicle will help protect your car or bike against them unsightly stone chips and bug splatter for years on end.

Our paint protection film is transparent and conforms to the lines and curves of surfaces which make it almost invisible. This allows the lines and colour of your vehicle to show though without compromising the appearance of the painted surfaces.

Standard front kit (from) $945.00 includes front bumper bar, leading edge of bonnet and front guards and side mirrors.
Full front kit (from) $1745.00 includes front bumper, full bonnet, full front guards, headlights and side mirrors.
Track pack (from) $2195.00 includes full front kit, side sills, A-pillars & leading edge of roof.
Full sides (from) $1795.00 includes side doors, front guards, rear guards & top cant rails.
Wear & tear kit (from) $395.00 includes door cups, door edges, top of rear bumper strip & inner door sill strips.
Full Wraps (from) $4300.00 includes all exterior painted surfaces wrapped


Single Options:
Front bumper $545.00
Standard bonnet $245.00
Full bonnet $545.00
Rocker panels (pair) $380.00
Wheel arch kit $75.00 each
Rear bumper strip $95.00
Headlights (pair) $140.00
A-pillars (pair) 160.00