Paint Protection Film Training Program

Looking to expand your detailing, tinting or automotive wrapping business? With the growth of Paint Protection Film (PPF) in the industry, Protekt Auto is now offering Introductory and Advanced training programs for those who are looking to implement an additional service to their business, or for those who are seeking new skills to advance them in their automotive career.

Below is a brief overview of each program. For further information on program fees or registration details please contact us via email or phone.


introductory PPF PROGRAM

Purpose: The aim of this training program is to provide the trainee with the necessary skills and knowledge required to apply basic pre-cut kits. This will allow them to continue their application training or move onto our Advanced Training program.

Duration: 2 days

Number of attendees: 1 on 1 training



Purpose: Advanced PPF Program will be custom designed to suit the trainee’s requirements to further their experience and techniques in applying Paint Protection film after completing our Introductory PPF program. Prior to signing up, it is recommended to contact Protekt Auto for a consultation over the phone to determine the level of experience the trainee has acquired from the time they completed the 2-day Introductory program. From this, a training session can be customised for the trainee to overcome any application concerns plus build on their experience with new application techniques.

Duration:  Varies depending upon the customised program.

Number of attendees: 1 on 1 training