Motorcycle Protection

Opti-coat – The Ultimate Motorcycle Protection

The Opti-Coat Motorcycle Protection Package is The Ultimate™ protection solution for all sports bikes and cruisers including matte and gloss finishes. The advanced formulation of Opti-Coat not only delivers amazing protection, it also provides extreme hydrophobic properties to maintain the perfect finish in the long term.

Each Opti-Coat Motorcycle Package includes cleaning, polishing and coating of painted and metal surfaces and includes a 7-year guarantee on all painted surfaces against chemical etching and fading.

Package Includes:

  • Comprehensive detail

  • Clay Bar and Chemical Decontamination

  • Single stage paint enhancement

  • Metal work hand polished

  • Painted surfaces coated with dual layer Opti-Coat Pro+ Ceramic Coating

  • Metal surfaces coated with Opti-Metal Coat

Prices From:

  • Sports Bike $595.00

  • Cruiser/Naked $795.00


Stone Chip Protection Film

Not only can Paint Protection Film be applied to cars but it is commonly applied to Motorcycles as well. The Paint protection film can literally be applied to any painted or non-porous surfaces.

We carry a large database of standard kits for a wide range of popular Motorcycles which generally protect the front facing areas such as nose cone, headlights, leading edge of side fairings and wheel guards plus main wear and tear areas of the tank and rear duck tail/seat cowl.

However, we are also able to extend the kits to your own personal preference or custom design to your own particular specifications.

Our paint protection film is transparent and conforms to the lines and curves of surfaces which make it almost invisible. This allows the lines and colour of your vehicle to show though without compromising the appearance of the painted surfaces.

Prices (based on full fairing sports bikes):

  • Standard Kit (from) $695.00 includes nose cone, headlights, leading edge of side fairings and front wheel guard plus main wear and tear areas of the tank and rear duck tail/seat cowl.

  • Extended Kit (from) $1595.00 includes Standard Kit plus extended full side fairings (upper and lower) and top section of tank.

  • Full Custom kit (from) $2395.00 includes all exterior painted surfaces custom wrapped.

Standard Kit

Extended Standard Kit

Single Options from:

  • Standard tank (3 piece) $160.00

  • Extended tank (4 piece) $245.00

  • Full custom tank $395.00

  • Headlights $50.00

  • Instrument panel/cluster $45.00

  • Windscreen $125.00